Noli Me Tangere



I am a virtue and vice alike.

I shall grant you salvation

While sentencing you to Abaddon.

Created by Him and used by the Dark One,

I am the perfection that will cause chaos.


Ones who gaze, see but the gates of pearls.

But those that touch will know the burning pain.

Aye, I gave His children, eyes.

But stole I away their promised land.


Aye, Macbeth knocked at my door,

In search of power I declared before.

Then gave him I myself he desired

But poisoned was I with devious delusions.

I watched his plight with innocent eyes,

Oh, how unfortunate secrets I hide.


Blind, how blind humans must be,

To destroy themselves to attain me.

They fail to heed the warning I say,

“Touch me not, for I am knowledge forbidden,

And I will cause you forever, dismay.”


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