My Mother's Love

You love me like I never thought you could

You wrote your name on my bedroom walls

My blood

My blood

Stained on your finger tips the whips on your back you refused for them to be imprinted all over my body.

The chain wrapped around your neck was so tight you had to kill me

I understand why you slit my throat

You love me I died cuz you love me

I’m angry

I miss you

But you killed me

I’m back

I’m here in flesh

I’ve read

And I’ve read stories

I’ve seen

And I’ve seen movies

 I can smell the burning flesh of my people I can see them swinging

I can hear their screams as if there still screaming

I can feel there fear as if there still scared of white

We rather skip school or go just to act like fools like books weren’t one of the things our ancestors died for we are conditioned to envy lighter skin and taught to hate are brown eyes so hide them behind contacts

We were killed to escape

Master whips chains

Master whips chains

And white men coming into my bedroom feeling my insides with their semen

While my husband and kids were forced to watch them we were killed to escape

When our oppressors our abusers came and not all of us could get away

My mother looked at me

Slice my baby girl’s throat or let her live her life in slavery

oh I had to go and with no second thought I was gone but my mother couldn’t of known that I would be reborn into a more high tech  society where now the

Media is my master

My own people are my whips

And I live with chains around my throat around my mind

 Cuz intelligence is a whit trait

Ignorance filled my insides you wrote FREEDOM on my bedroom walls

My blood

My blood

Stained on your finger tips

you killed me

I died in your arms

My three year old eyes no longer looking up at you in confusion

But looking up at you





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