Aspiring University

Good Evening my friend how are you this day?

I have a plan to change my great future.

I will create a university.

Do not make fun of my dreams of prestige.

Your laughter tries to discourage but fails.

I have planned to start by collecting funds.

I will receive loans, grants, and donations.

The money will be used to buy buildings.

The first building will be a hospital

The doctor will give medicine to students.

Students shall not stay sick while on campus.

We will have our own botany courses.

Girls and boys will learn to grow their own food.

Your eyes show that you still doubt my fine plan.

Well let me share more of my thoughts with you.

Yes, I want you to see my plan as good.

What do you mean why? Your help would be nice.

Now do not laugh at what I am asking.

Yes, ten grand would be nice if you will please.

One grand? Now I must laugh at you dear sir.

A good few grands is what I had in mind.

Yes that is right enough to build TEN dorms.

Males and the females will have their own dorms.

Have them live in the same space? No way sir!

Would you do that if you were in my place?

Bad solution… some of them might have kids.

Yes I shall be straight and frank with you Friend!

Are you ready to be the same with me?

So you are making fun of my plan still?!

Peeved? Yes I’m peeved not that you seem to care!

Stop and look there where my school will be built.

Does that sight do a thing to change your mind?

No? Well sir I guess I am done with you then!

Sit in your high desk and laugh while I leave.

Let me tell you I do not plan to fail!

This school will come to life in the end Sir.

My name will be on plaques when I am done

Count thirty, forty, fifty plaques you will!

What’s that now? You did not know the passion?

Sit up Sir do not act like you are shocked

Let us try this deal once more. No laughs please.














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