A Dream Come True

Tue, 04/15/2014 - 12:14 -- sag88ii


I got a dream,

Not a small one but a big one,

A dream that requires a lot of work but I won't stop till I’m done,

I got a dream that won't be deferred,

So when I fall down I won’t be deterred,

When I’m done my name will be mentioned with the leaders in the industry,

So when you think of technology you will think of me,

Software, hardware, an operating system like not other,

Making people think they don’t need another,

Yes a software engineer, and a computer programmer

To make something more customizable, intuitive, and faster

Than anything the masses have seen before,

I want to make something people will want to use,

Not because they have to, But because they want to,

I will own my business and bring it to prominence,

Become successful and make dollars not cents,

I won’t forget my community; I plan to give back,

So we all can become successful, and there’s a lot of  beauty in that.


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