In The Endless Realm of Possibilities One Greets My Eyes

The Endless Realm of Possibilities

Greets my open eyes

A poet, a photographer, a singer

All dreams that they scoff and deride

And in my quiet reminiscing 

There is one job I place above all

The idea of becoming an animator

Is what has me enthralled.


I can imagine the wonders of writing the script

Of characters daring and funny

Drawing their limbs and eyes and shoulders

And making their dialogue quite punny

I can put in the morals I want the world to see

Matched with beautiful music and themes

So working on animated movies is my secret dream amongst dreams.


I hope to come to that job when all is said and done

Being an animator would be a way I could help everyone.

Small, and tall, young and old my pictures would speak to all

I would tell the stories about love and acceptance

And how to learn to be strong. 


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