I Kept Dreaming


Lost dreams found in the

time of impeccable innocence

irrelevant to unnoticeable

causes hidden with brilliance
fear was a mirage,

noticed but yet ignored
secrets held but eventually causing more

hysteria than what people can afford
my mind is held hostage,

the prisoners are the thoughts
only anger will let them out,

roaming free before they are caught
cold nostalgia kisses warm breathes,

my scheme is shadowed
but my worries are tamed,

just for the moment, deathly hallows
the imagery is perfect,

 the timing is just right,
my good deeds telling me reasons,

satisfied so I can sleep at night

because for that moment I was happy…

realized my future was yet to be unwritten
so what they tell me it’s just fiction
forget your past,

I’m making happiness last
reaching out my for my goals,

I'm a story waiting to be told

so I keep dreaming….

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