PERFORMING May Change My Life.


When you look at me, what do you see?

A young African American that is only sixteen. 

There are MANY stereotypes, the bad things people say,

Like, "oh he's in a gang", or "what he does is gay".

But besides all the negative talk, 

What I want to do with my life is walk. 

Walk on stage and hear a crowd screaming, 

or possibly the sound of my voice be healing.

Performing is just that

Wheather I sing, act, dance or rap.

There may be struggles , like trying to get by

or thinking of the fact of how to survive.

What if they don't like me, or think that I suck?

Or what if I an only afford to live in a truck? 

There is ALOT I can do to pursue my dream

But the way it looks now, the possibilities are obscene.

But until I make it to the big screen and star in important scenes,

The best thing I can do is stay focused and dream.

But that day when you see ME on your television screen 

Remember, it all started as a dream when I was sixteen.



Wow, this is amazing! & It really showcases your determination and passion. Good luck with your aspirations! (: 


Thank You!!!! :)


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