you thought I would fail

Before I was born

said I would never amount to anything

before I had a chance to prove you wrong

you act like you have done everything right

and my moms only "mistake", in your mind, was keeping me

you said I would be addicted to drugs

but I stand here, never have taken any

you said my mom would never be the mother I needed

but she has always been my rock 

the tongue is a powerful thing,

but I stand here strong

you said I would never amount to anything

but I'm striving to be a teacher,

but not one like you

girls, who are like my mom, and make the same "mistake" of getting pregnant at 18

will walk through my classroom doors 

and feel loved not judged

they will hear the truth

that its gonna be hard 

but if you are that babies rock 

they can amount to anything

just like I did 



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