My Dream has Two Paths

My Dream has Two Paths

My dream has two paths that crises cross.

My dream is to collect information from the past.

With the facts that I learn I will show the world,

why i chose the dream that i follow.

My dream is to be an Archeologist so I can find the worlds loss.

My dream is to play in the dirt and wish for this dream to last.

A dream to have a flash to the past is what i want in my world.

It will take a lot of work and it mite be hard to swallow.

I will be prepared to do what i need to do to get where i need to be.

My dream is to be an Paleontologist to find a dinosaur fossil.

The dream of finding a dinosaur is a dream to keep in a cast.

My dream to find fossils and show them to the world.

Follow my dreams and I can go anywhere is my Moto.


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