Star Crossed Lovers


Star crossed lovers never hide

They stand together side by side.

They never leave each other

They stare into the eyes of one another. 

Starcrossed lovers are their name, 

Star crossed lovers will never be the same.

Didn't you know that they loved each other?

They couldn't be without one another!

They loved each other like the sun and moon,

They sat together to talk at noon.

They sat and talked and walked together;

At least one of them believed it would last forever.

And so it happens in stories old and stories new;

There are not many, not a few;

That star crossed lovers never stay together; 

Star crossed lovers only die alone, forever.

Years later this cycle will repeat,

And withstar crossed lovers one will meet.

They will love each other,

They won't stand to be apart from one another.

But still, everything will be the same,

The only differences are the time and name.

But star crossed lovers will never stay together, 

Star crossed lovers will only die alone, forever.


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