Pressure and stress were all I could feel

As days went by, foreshadowing my future.

Or so I thought when all wrapped in pain

Pondering on what must be done.

And oh, where do I turn

Had I found the answer, no, so I tried to move on


I knew not much of my progress,

Was there hope since pressure was all I felt?

But little I knew that the answer was close,

Those weighty days were to be eased,

Twenty pounds released off me.

Time to have some fun.


My eyes opened to that dream, theatre of course.

Creativity blossomed through each sharp second:

Participation, determination, motivation

My days shortened demanding my presence at every moment,

Pressure where art thou?

No longer pondering, no longer tense.


Fulfilling my dream my greatest ambition,

Fuelled by a drive to work hard which I must.

Facing all challenges and breaking down obstacles,

Earning a degree my sure goal,

To achieve and enjoy what lies ahead.


Obstacle faced, only myself.

When demands of society I considered,

That path created for me I needed to know

And here I am on this track,

My dream to continue to grow

In the palm of my hands lies the world


Support, why not?

The one who secured my safety,

And who lovingly sacrificed for me,

The woman whose shoulders comforted me,

And whose womb I once slept in,

She supports me.




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