One Way Out


Here you go 

Here you are one more year in high school

Now you need to think: college or jump right into career

You want to be on the top of the game,

Or the one who wants to suffers?

My answer to that question is as clear as crystal.

I wanna be at the top.

I wanna prove that I am the best.

Yet I have to start from the bottom.

Little money and little time to give.

Always finding more important stuff to complete.

No more though.

I have to take school more seriously.

I have so much work but little time to complete.

Always have those people who look down at you,

Saying you can never make it.

That you are going to crash and burn..

No more though.

Imma prove them wrong. 

I already am. 

Here I am finishing high school

Looking at colleges.

I wanna be that one person a kid could go to.

I wanna be that one person who a kid could go up to even if its during class. 

I wanna be the history teacher who makes learning about dead people more exciting

Rather than what they are reading in a text.

The only way to be that teacher is to go to college.

To be at the top of my class.

To always love teaching, even if pay and employment is decreasing every day.

I wanna be that teacher though who looks at the students' faces

And love the job more than money.

The road to that is gonna be hard though,

And I'm going to want to quit at times.

But I just have to keep on thinking about those kids faces that I am going to help one day.

Cause its going to happen.

I will make a change in every kids lives even if it kills me.

Cause no kid should have to go through high school and life

Feeling unloved and dumb.

Their our future and they are going to be the ones who make it or break it. 



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