The gift of teaching

If I was a teacher,

Teaching would be the guidance

I hand down to my students,

The skills learned will be them having

The ability to think for themselves,

Knowledge is what a student teaches

His/her self therefore the answer

Lies in them not the teacher.


My experiences in a four year university

Will prepare me for the bright future

I await as a student today,

Teaching can teach me patience,

Listen to the voices that will create tomorrow,

Awake the minds that are sleeping,

Give my sympathy those who need it,

Share my knowledge with students

Beginning to make their own,

Influence the lives that have no hope,

Build a generation of critical thinkers

That’ll build society with what they gained from

The exposure to their own wisdom.


I can impact an entire community,

Be an independent woman,

Love the moments spend with

Young people in need of a light,

Be an example,

Learn to deal with myself and others,

Be at peace with doing what I have a passion for.








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