Ode to Kindle


Smooth black and white

Thin and light

Slide and release

To enter the world

Of your choosing


What you read becomes

Magical worlds ago

From far away to

The wonder of the future

See the worlds that you may


The worlds you enter

Change every day

From fantasy to murder

To unicorns and family lives

Enter at your will


Unlimited amount to read

Get stuck in the worlds

Of magic and mystery

Stay as long or how short

Till the story ends


Read as many as you can

Full of wonder and adventure

Suspense and terror

So many lands that you read

So many lives to live


Become the hero

Or the villain

Be superman

The joker

Anyone you want to be


It makes you feel so much

Makes you laugh HAHAHA

Makes you cry boohoo

Gives you so many feelings

Pick what you want and feel


Who you want to be

The world you read seems so real

Save the lives, live the lives

Smell the imaginary roses

Eat the imaginary food


Get stuck in the world

Have and escape

Some were safe

Where you rule

Your own kingdom


My kingdom changes

At my will

Have a whole world

Full of things that

Only exist in make believe


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