A World United


To unite the word, what ever could we do?

How would you or I ever have a clue?

The answer's simple that much is true

We must start over, begin anew.

Labels stand in our way

They mislead us, take us astray

So we must be rid of them today

We're labeled by race, religion, or nations

Our morals are decided by our locations.

We ask what we can do for our countries but not for the world

So a reminder to everyone: Young, fast, or old

The world is in trouble, that much has been told

So what will you do, will you break the mold?

Will you help start the series of events unfold,

help spread the message to all, young or old?

The truth is we're not Americans, Russians, or Brits

A notion we must work hard to dismiss

because the fact of the matter is, before unity can even be approached

We must remember we're all human, first and foremost








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