From Poverty To CEO

Wed, 03/26/2014 - 18:03 -- marcb09


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The job that is going to change my life is becoming a Chief Executive Office of my own business. I want to own my own hotel ten years after I graduate. To begin with, I am a junior in college majoring in Management. This degree will enable me to manage hotels after I graduate from college. I plan to manage a major hotel for ten years. I will learn all the information I need to run my own hotel when I decide to venture off on my own to start my own hotel. Honestly, the only obstacle that may stand in my way would be me. I refuse to settle on my dreams by being lazy, not staying on schedule, or giving up when things get hard. I have the support of my church members, family, and my friends. I have met some God fearing people that have my back in any way that they can help towards the situation. My best friend and I are both Management majors and we going to graduate at the same time. I will need investments and loans to make my dream a reality but I know that I will have major support from the people I know and love. This job will change my life in a major way because I was raised in a small home and we lived below the poverty line. I was raised in a single parent home with three other siblings and my mom never worked but God kept us in his grace and mercy. When I become a CEO I will be able to help many people and take care of my family. I want to by my mom a house and a car so she can enjoy some of the things that she never experience. I will invest in poverty and obesity with a percent of my income because it is my responsibility to help others when I received my blessing from all this job offers.


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