Capturing moments

Sun, 02/23/2014 - 20:46 -- Hskye
People like to say, a job is something that bounds
It consumes your time, your happiness, your joy, and your pride
But if we were to think about those who are truly happy and content
We would be reminded that they have jobs that help fulfill their joys, and ambitions
I would like to break this cycle that many create, of trying to just get by
I’d rather enjoy what I do, so I can enjoy the world, and my life
I would like to be a journalist, not the gossip lying kind
But the ones who capture a moment, and are able to hold it still
Forever ingrained in the minds of those who pay attention to the news
I’d like to carry a camera around my neck, and a notebook in my pocket
I want to be a writer, able to recreate moments through words
And for the times words fall ill of the ability to recreate, I’ll have a camera
People stare at photographs, or articles in their hands, and a thousand memories come tumbling back
I’d like to capture a moment, frame it in time, so that the world may never forget


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