One Job To Change My Life



Years of dreaming. Upbringing of hopefulness.


Purposeness comes not just of passion, but of need. Is there need in the world?

Too much.


The one job I am working toward is to be a Criminologist (federal or state employee is unimportant.)

To understand crime is not to antagonize and advocate more regulations.

To understand crime is to understand poverty. Cultivation of harmful activity through harmful conditions.


To alleviate crime is to make education more accessible. Healthcare affordable. Living better and work passionate.

Criminology is not to stereotype the stealing of vehicles or muggings or rape. It is to understand why human beings (emotional, psychological, thinking, feeling and sensitive) commit such activities. How to make the organism of our very sick social structure function with equity.


The only way to go about this (hopefully with an internship with a Police Department) is with a major in Applied Sociology at my university. From there, public service. This is my greatest aspiration.

Systems theory for people is only minutely more complex than systems theory of mechanics or physics.


Reductionism of life.


I get experience every day in my field- sheerly through struggling to afford college. I get to see the need for sociology and socially-concerned people simply by experience the upward climb of standardized education and debt from necessities in life.


Life is the greatest reference. Future employers don't even need to call; it calls them.


I have a great deal of passion for science, history and mathematics. But I have even more concern for human suffering and inefficacy.


Do we shout "EQUALITY!" because it is moral? Ethical? Are these not relative to some degree? Does nature not make us all very different?

Equality comes of associating freely within our communities. Consent. Volition. Reason. Passion.

Studying humanity is more awesome than studying Gods!


But my discussions within my circle of debate peers does not alleviate any suffering or fix inefficacies.


Karl Marx said: "The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways; the point is to change it."

So I seek change through my own efforts.


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