Gifted Hands


I do not see my dream job as a “job” but rather a career.

Providing better health for others is like restoring life to the lifeless

Because one day you are dying in agony and the day after you would be cured by my gifted hands.

Being a doctor had always been a dream but in 8 years it will become a reality.

Despite the obstacles that come in my way.

Phrases like “Don’t waste your time” “You’ll never make it through med school” will ricocheted back as cold as the room that I will be performing operations in.

These two hands will perform miracles in surgeries that seem unbelievable.

You see the second I made-up my mind I had already foreseen your doubt in me

And I refuse to let that stop me

Yes money is an issue for it to happen but I’m willing to work till I am nothing but bones

To bring back wealth to my family that had supported me since birth

As I enter this room I see how precious life is and how important it is to try to restore one back to health.

The pressure of the amount of hope ones family has to provide a cure for their loved one.

And as I make that final incision it will be the new beginning for my patient. 


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