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A simple mindless thing it is that takes my breath away.

A magical kind of experience it was that moved my hands today.

Across the page they move with poise once more at their stance.

Taking my heart and soul by prisoner at their daring dance.

To feel the way I do, eyes open inspired by their feat,

To dance with such effort as they take control of my heartbeat.

I am them, and they are me

For we work for one similar plea:

To tell of our souls and hearts desire

To glow with gracefulness and truly inspire.

It is the words that make me see, the words that fuel and make me- me.

For with out the words I could not be.

I, just a lowly girl with one true calling

To write the words and that keep you from falling.

To control the lives of the people you dream to be

And to move your hearts until they flea

To the highest mountain and the lowest hill

To a body of water that is slow and still.

To make you fall in love with romance that should not exist.

So you know that unrequited love is the greatest bliss.

To reveal my dream that steals my breath:

For if I am not to write the words that drive me it will surly be my death.







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