It's the thrill of dinner


It's the thrill of dinner rush.

The smell of baking chocolate cake. 

The sizzle of onions and garlic as they it a skillet.

The smile of a happy costumer. 

It's the joy I'd get from doing what I love. As a child it's all I ever wanted to do, I can see it now as I open those resturant doors. It's everything I've ever worked for. The burns and cuts, the doubts and challenges, the constant voice telling me I'll never reach it. This one job will help shape my future. Just one restaurant job , that'lllead the way. 

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It so amazing to read about the things people are passionate about- because even when you are talking about it, you can see the sparkle in their eyes and it makes them look beautiful! Of course, I cannot see you through the computer- because that would be weird, right NSA?- But that sparkle is there, showing, just now it's through this beautiful piece. It made me hungry and it made me happy and resonated with me the sense of having somewhere you belong, a place you've been working for for so long! Live out your dream, and write more poems about it! 


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