You're an English Major?


scoffs escape lips

giggles are stifled

and eyes are rolled

then questions arise

about the future

or lack of one


it’s like being

interrogated by cops

who have already

decided that

you’re guilty


a coffee shop

is where you will

end up, they say

as their giggles

release themselves

into the open air


it’s like letting

someone taste

your cooking for

the first time

and then

they spit it out

and it lands

on your face



they calm down

enough that

an explanation

can find it’s

way from

your lips


it’s like

the first

breath after

you’ve been

underwater for

a few minutes



replace scoffs


erase from minds


stay staring straight ahead


appear on faces


it’s like the

proud mom


about your

first steps


So yes,

I am an

English Major.


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