You don't like me do you?

You wanna see me fail

And live payment to payment

Is that how money works?

You gotta spend money to make it

I can't do what I want?

If I don't have a dime to spend,

I can't feel like one then

You told me as a kid I could be whatever

The president, a spaceman, just name it

But without a college education

I can't be what you've brought me up to be

Passions inserted like coins in machines

I gave my effort, showed my potential

But my wallet ain't thick

So tell me again to work 9 to 5

Because that's not what I worked for my whole life

I wasn't brought up to be put down

I didn't work to hate the I'll work do

I don't want my path chosen for me

I want to choose it

And if you can't afford it

You have to settle for whatever

I want to do what I want to do

A career path I  could do with




I like this guy, this guy is good.

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