My Dream Job

 My dream job would to be a geneticist.

Not for the money or for the fame

But for the guidance and for the support I am doing for other people

I would love to find cures to strange diseases and increase other humans life expectancies

Ever since I was in seventh grade I had a fascination for Genetics and Biology

I am still in love with Genetics today

I am hoping to go to Colorado University at Boulder to further my education in Molecular Cellular and Molecular Biology

Then going to another University to get my PhD in Genetics or Genomics while I am doing that I plan on finding an internship at a local company for genetics so then I can apply for their job later making it easier for me to get that job.

I've always loved Genetics and I believe I can change lives in this field.

This job will definitely change my life.

With this job I will be able to pay off my parents debts and help more people than I can only imagine.


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