All it takes is some

All it takes is some hard work

A willingness to try 

The urge to want experiment

To build some new device


It could start out as a dream

But become something bigger

A deep rooted interest

To design the next thing-a-ma-jigger


Many visionaries have dove in

To this very amazing career

Without it, there would be no way

To improve it all every year


Technology in this modern age

Needs someone to make it work

To tear it down and repair it well

Where all the circuits lurk


Some might term them techies

Others would say their engineers

Nerds is used more frequently

Work against their darkest fears


To create the things

That we all use so frequently

From the phone in your hand

To computers and tvs


Yes it is that

Which I hope to one day be

A hands-on engineer 

Especially with electricity


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