The Kindling Flame

Wed, 04/02/2014 - 17:55 -- KTRulz


I want to be a light.

A light that shines bright.

That is a kindling flame,

That takes away all shame.

That teaches and is taught

By other people's thought.

To be all I can be,

To help others to see.

Togive all I can give,

To help others to live

Amidst a darkening world.


To give a love of learning,

Is something I'm longing for, yearning.

To teach of words and written things.

To help others find their wings.

To soar on the heights,

To lose all their frights

And follow all their dreams.


To read and write,

Is something that just might

Open doors and set people aright.

To teach these things,

To help others find their wings,

Is the one job I want to have.


To help others soar,

To help them be so much more,

Is a carrer that will never bore.

To help others find their way

Each and every day

Will allow for me to say,

"I have found mine."


To be a kindling flame

That takes away all shame.

That gives hope joy,

To each girl and boy

Is the only job for me.





I wrote this to show the importance of learning and the impact that a proper education in reading and writing can have.

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