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You’d be surprised to know I still look at your picture saved in the vaults of my phone. The one where we smiled and the room was vibrant, and the lights were red and blue, and the world seemed like a different place.
I ain’t your April fool Not your plaything anymore Wrapped my heart with steel and wool Sent you stomping out my door   Cause I ain’t your April fool I’ve got thunder in my soul
Why don't you love me   You could at least pretend  Please call me   Please  Just tell me that you liked me too 
Bemused in dreams of this heart. Where pain never lasts and tears are few and far apart. It remains a fucking cold world out there. Especially when your solo and the wind continue to blow, piercing you down to your soul.
I don't know how to close this chapter Where I live through The night Hold me one more time Whisper those pretty lies Tell me I'll be fine But I won't deny The reaper is coming tonight
This feeling I haven't had in a while Heartbreak fake smiles For every pretty girl That wants to be mine I don't wanna lie Can't give them all my time to busy writing rhymes
I wish there was a collection of words I could say to you. A phrase to stop the clock from ticking in the dark. To bring back the lights if just for a moment. Cast away the darkness so that I may see your face, one more time.
she was a light he trapped her in a box she was laughter he stole her joy she was a graceful dance he stole her footing she was a leap of faith he let her fall she was truly alive
it's been a year a whole damn year and here i am sitting across a gym full of people and all i see, is you your obnoxious smile your loud voice and your annoying friends
it's been a year a whole damn year and here i am sitting across a gym full of people and all i see, is you your obnoxious smile your loud voice and your annoying friends
please don't let me go i whispered to you in the dark of your room you gripped me tight and promised but how can you  make that promise when you don't know what the future holds
when you saw me and whispered hello did it cross your mind that you'd break my heart?
all i am to you is a treasure untouched will you ever see me for more than my body?
dear mom why do you  hate me so i need you here with me but all you do is go
i waited for you day in day out you promised you'd come but you never showed
lonely bed cold hands feet of lead dead man
dreary days solemn nights lonely hearts internal fights
you've seen the darkest of me and the most vulnerable pieces of me you've held me in the night and kissed me in the morning you loved me when i couldn't love myself and now you're a stranger
 When everything breaks Everything shatters My heart in pieces Scattered And all the world So beautiful, Yesterday
      My heart broke like a fallen tree succumbed to the wind that is you, Long has life passed me by I watch as days turn to months and years,
I don’t want to love no more Everyone playing games Everywhere I go I see the same soul in different bodies… Different faces…
I’m sorry. I'm sorry I constantly want to talk to you. I’m sorry when you take long to reply, I get sad. I’m sorry if I say things that might piss you off. I’m sorry if I come off as annoying.
all I can see is flashes in my head , Memories back when we were together The world was so different.. for the first time, We were just living for the hell of it, Nothing to regret at all..
I'm sorry for blaming you For everything I just couldn't do And I hate myself by hurting you Feeling this hurt embrace me so beautiful I'm sorry for blaming you For everything I just couldn't do
I don't know how to describe whats in my head. All I know is that you are the one who has made it be lead. I love you, I really do. Therefore I can't seem to tell you. Now I'm looking like a fool.
He was strong because he was forged in pain Today he ruled because he never stopped when it rained Even though it hurt,he was still holding on Waiting for a day when all that suffering will be gone
the rain pounded heavily last night drops of water ran slowly down the car windows matching the silver trails of the tears that wound down my cheeks rough hands that weren't yours stroked my skin
When I was left heartbroken and lost people began to tell me that the best way to move on was to get under someone else. I thought giving my body to someone else meant I was moving on from you.
I asked you why and started to cry  you were my security blanket  you were supposed to make me and my heart feel  Secure I say please don’t let it be another girl You are vague. 
I have doubts every timeYou know I doBut I can’t stop falling into the void that is youAnd even if I am absolutely sure that my poor heartWill break, each and every timeI would still choose you, again and again
Because I Love You, my heart skips a beat When we were together, I felt complete. This strange new feeling that took over me, It made me blossom like a cherry tree Now that you’re gone, its left me lost.
Because I love you, it feels like it was only yesterday, You looked into my eyes and I told you to stay. Because I love you I’d get nervous around you, I didn’t know what to say or what to do.  
There’s always a key. A key to one’s mind A key to one’s heart. A key to one’s soul. Locked away for same keepings, But thieves still slither this earth. Skilled thieves pick locks
thoughts that kill thoughts of being not worthy  voices saying “no love will ever come”  trying to not give in  the voices sometimes stop  give the heart a break  before it breaks even more 
How you must know my pain. For you never care to say a word to me as many days at a time as I see you. And how you must know the truth that lies behind these eyes.
  I don't know what to do anymore I don't know who to talk to anymore I don't know how to love anymore I don't know how to live anymore....because you're gone.  
Bam bam! One fist after the other. Pow pow! One too many hits.
I should never have trusted a smile so beautiful It couldn't have been for sport that it lured me in and made me love to have spit me out in chewed up broken crumbs The pieces are marred & unrecocgnizable
You’re focused on the music I’m focused on my happiness The two could co-exist But for some reason you’re not having it And I keep coming back again
This is Just to Say I have broken your heart into a  million pieces,   You had probably not expected  this pain   Forgive me, You were great but you broke
I remember the first time that I ever met you I remember hating you, fearing your soul Like an animal who could feel The danger lying up ahead And of course my instincts were right, Of who you would become
All my life I have hid behind a smile I laugh and smirk and smile when on the inside I am slowly dying I look back on my life and feel nothing, but regret
Without you days drag on without any meaning without you the bleak existence that I once used to cherish is now waisted wondering why  why me why was I not good enough  and why did it all have to end
I stare into her eyes and they tell me all I need to know but I ask anyways  Why do you push me away? Why do I feel the way I do when I hold you?
Broken. I am broken. I am hurting. A shattered glass because of a love that didn't last. Sweet memories gone sour with the taste of a ripe lemon.
I saw you Cowboy hat Wrangler jeans Boots and spurs Button up shirt Dark hair Light eyes yeah you bet I saw you I held my breath  Closed my eyes And tried so hard
The Monster locked inside this mirror is full of deception, Deceived by a world full of hate and conception. No where to turn to get a gasp of air, There are no self righteous that are godly or fair.
"Pick your poison," he says to me.
We sit together again 'My parents are Fighting' I'm being pulled apart Like a string in Tug-of war Offer me your sympathy Take a little piece of me Joke with me again
I looked into her eyes and she said the words that I knew were coming they were the dreaded words that no person in love should have to endure but every man must "I think we need to take a break" 
She stares at you, with hate in her eyes. You stare at her, with dreams for the future. She talks down to you, giving orders that you willingly and knowingly obey. She laughs at your pain and feeds off your sorrow.
I want to die,
I remember watching him sleep, his eyes fleeting back and forth under their lids. I remember him drawing long breaths, and his heartbeat wavering in his chest.
Treasure Your Love 
I hope I forget your eyes And that I couldn't look way. I hope I forget your smile Because it makes me wish you'd stay.   I hope I never call you  When its late and I can't sleep.
Every song says your name
I see the light now I don't want to fight This is all I have And you broke my heart in half This is not right at all You made me feel so small.
If you believe what you feel is right,   then I'll leave you be.   I'll never blame you   For not picking me.   But's if that's what you want,
I once wished on you.   You failed me twice.  
A broken heart is like a dead computer You can charge it and re-use it as  many times as you want to But in the end, its just a dead as the battery is in the  DEAD COMPUTER 
I was very excited in what we could be.
You break my heartJust a little each day
I believe that I am a damaged girl. A girl who wanted others to be happy but herself. I am like a hidden book. I was ready to be read, but dusted on the shelf. I am the rusted pennies who wanted to be held and known as wealth,
You tell me, "It's ok, it'll all be over soon." And in a way, you were right.   It was over.   My sense of direction and morality. The knowledge that what I fought for was freedom.
The secret signs you imagined The signals you gave back The special smile you thought was solely for you The feelings you thought were there but it turns out lacked The way you felt when talking to them
What? I thought I was the only one  I guess I was wrong  I should of known all we had and even a love song...  Didnt matter to you or him,
Just children were we when we first met Prancing about one another without a care. Though oft not we would see the another Each time was as if the previous game had not been left.
My funeral was empty, my gravestone was bare The flowers that were meant for my mourning, were never there
You may never know, why I am the way I am or why I am so quiet at times, or maybe why I get angry so sudden and you may never know why I am so rude
You are the sunshine i am the rain i just wanted You to be mine but You were avoiding pain  
I want you inside the mouth of my heart Don't bite it Just swallow. -profound poetry
Two minus one as pair became single.
If you can't read the photo it goes-   Here I sit in this rut once more, waiting, longing. I wish I could stop but it only goes just, beat, beat, beat. And the raging thump continues just
It's the pain that she feels.It’s the screams that she feels.It's the ache in her brain.It’s the hate in her veins.It's the hurt that she feels.It’s the fear that she has gained.
Momma said there would be days like this but she didn't quite explain how it would be she didn't explain that my heart would pour out onto the concrete..
I cannot let me feel To feel is to hurt Hope turns black with each shedding tears What once felt excitement is only filled with dread I cannot escape this prison I made for myself
I loved you! I finally let down my walls and let somebody in.. But that didnt matter to you, I was just another girl that you could add to the list.     You fed me all the right lies
forgive me,  forgive me for being who i am,  forgive me for crying more than needed,  but it hurts so hard when you want something so bad but you can’t reach it, 
Does love only happen to the lucky ones, or is it instead the tricks of the world that conspire within.
The 12-Year-old poet collapsed He was weak He couldn’t see Tears impaired his vision It stung to blink And hurt to feel   He couldn’t speak
She used to be the sweetest girl ever, but her life became stuck in a sour chapter. She cries as she lies wide awake at night. Trying to keep her mind from losing this fight.
2:08 AM   At times like this I wish for you to come back and hold me.
Even though you were my whole garden, I was merely a rose in yours   At first, I thought flowers were beautiful
I prick my finger on a single thorn,  And watch the blood fall to the floor,  Eyes... The color of forget-me-not blue  my heart is staying pure and true.  Through days of darker light...
She was ha
Watching the storm grow stronger, so do my emotions.  
Here I am,sitting in this abandoned house and 
all I can hear over the sound of that stupid fucking clock… tick tock tick tock…
 is the sound of your voicein between hitched breaths
     saying my name. 
Why am I still stuck on you? After all the crap you put me through It wasn't a physical pain That left me black and blue
That day it was warm It  was humid It had rained It had been special  That day I had realized something I had realized nothing I knew already Still, it surged through my entire body
I thought what we had    was love   i thought you were my hero   my angel sent from above   i thought I'd have your heart  
Everytime u miss that one ex, wishing for that one next.
I waited and hoped someday you'd come aroundThe silence breaking us apart proceeds without a soundAny place besides this one is fine with meWhy can't we go back to how we used to be?The highway is so long
Brown like a beautiful book of stories. Everything you told me. In this life I thought I would believe. A romance, a sparkle and a diamond ring. For that moment we were together. I thought that you would be.
  Another one gone It's a girl...
The first time I heard it I was in 8th grade The next in 9th The next in 10th And now every time I hear it I close my eyes and I scream because should love be such a game?
I saw your face. I didn’t want to,
How can you love me? When I hurt you so bad? How can you see me and think, "He's the one?" I know I deserve to be left a lone To be throw to hyenas like traitors should be, How can you love me?
Is it wro
I began to walk away 
Why did you hurt me?
All I can think about Is the pain you're putting me through All I can think about Are the reasons I can't have you Cause you're the reason that I feel so dead inside  When you turned and walked away 
To confess to the truth will break your heart along with mine but it's time for me to unwind, let you see me for what you think i am, for what you
Her hair frames her face in tarnished-golden wringlets barely going past her shoulders her face, long, glowing with  elegance and grace  her eyes, an aqua blue so light in tint
Gun shots ringAs flesh wounds sting
Don't shut me out.Don't lock away
What lies hidden with my beating heart
Love is something you feel,There should never be an doubt about love.You either feel it,Or you do not.Just do not lie to me about it.
Maybe we were both so caught up in the illusion of being together that after it happened we just gave up. All the love stories we heard about the happily ever afters, expecting our story to be the same. Always and forever,
Do stiches work on a broken-heart The days feel so long now that we’re apart You wanted to leave so I let you go Now sadness is all that stalks my window
Sitting in a room full of people but nobody can hear your scream. Walking down the halls alone as if you were in a horrible dream.
My love ink spilled onto this page. It smeared across this paper, this medium of which I pour my rage.    My heart so full of love and lust, has been stoned by my work of art,
"However you take this, I Love You"
I feel like the sky is falling on the eve of this, and I'm bawling, Anticipating your words and the slaughter of my heart once more. But from this I know I'll never truly rise again, how can I ever rise again?
All good things must come to an end Relationships never last for me They start they're great I over think it I end it I'm heart broken Why must I end all the good things?
I wrote on your heart, wrote on your songs, wrote out my misery all along. Too blind to see, were meant to be, or am i mistaken for imaginary catastrophed destiny? I thought you were different,
I watched you sip your drink from across the table. Studying your features.
It's been almost a year And I'm still crazy All of the memories you've left me Haven't become foggy or hazy. I hate you, God, do I hate you And your perfect life Leaving me broken in my garage--
A normal day like any other, You smile across the room. I make my way to talk to you, Then screams erupt, but whom?   Our eyes dart to the open door, Where classmates hurry by,
In retrospect, kissing her was not the smartest thing I could have done. it was probably, (and I mean Probably in its severest form) was the worst thing I could have done all summer,
   This love, that's breaking me down. The names i've been called, the hurtful things you say.      This love, the one haunting me. Why can't i just let you go? Erase you from my memory.
He left me half dead you know? He left me a drained girl who had drank from his love for well over a year. He left me hungry for love and affection for comfort and heat.
Love is so easily taken awayHere one day, gone tomorrowWhy have you gone astray?Why must I feel such sorrow?
Perhaps I will purchase new glassesAnd frame my darkened lamps anewAnd auspiciously. Here I might beseech,Behold, and betoken another looking-glass self;Here enkindle and focus new knowledge
"Just come to me my dear, and you will have no fear." She walks alone through school; no one seems to think she's cool. There's something about her that makes my dead heart stir.
Love doesn't come with directions, it's never quite the same Sometimes it leaves you broken up, or changes your last name One look, one touch, one smile could really change it all 
I miss the stones That used to tap on my window To wake me up And sneak out with my people I would softly laugh As I climbed down the wall To greet you with open arms But now you are gone
You never took the time to see how i felt,  You simply did instead of do. I was hurt , Heartbroken and unheard  and now im all alone. Helpless, Defenseless and Aching .  
  Like the sound of silence calling, I hear your voice aloud and suddenly, I feel I'm falling, lost in a dream.   You were everything to me, The air that I breathe,
With genuine smile and open arms Bliss succumbed with twice the charm
 Oh hold my Heart ,Hold it near ,never ever let it fear, For if it fears ,then it will cry ,But you never ever hold it so near , Why is that Dear?Do you remember all the Tears that Sear on my Heart ,oh Dear?
There was a boy in a small class Who saw a girl so blonde, no sass She looked and smiled while he blushed And thought to himself, What a crush
this is for the broken hearted.. i know you feel empty, betrayed, and no happiness at all. you don’t want to laugh because you know it’s not gonna help and you don’t wanna cry because you know it’ll only make you feel worse.
Astounded By your lies. Can’t think straight Devouring your promises Entire days burned by what you did. Feeding off my purity Get out of my head. Hating you Is becoming easier.
I need relief release to let it go and be set free I need the pain to fade the confusion to vanish but most of all I need you.
The end of school is soon, But yet I don't want to say goodbye. When the clock strikes noon, I feel as if a part of me will die.
I love you so much that I hate you, get it? I hate you because I loved you to the point where it broke my heart I love you because your smile made me smile I hate you because you drained me of my happiness
Love is like a rose It starts off fresh, beautiful standing strong, but as the life of it increases the strength decreases the scent begins to sour; peddles begin to wilt. In effort to salvage
Even though I've run it through my mind over and over again I find it damn near impossible to ignore the way I feel within There's the girl I love it's weird because I can't shake the feeling
Think back…. Can you remember houses made of cardboard boxes Out of which came your parents’ new furniture from ikea Do you remember changing your names
I will never fall in love for fear of a constantly harrowed heart
Autumn sweeps in, softly at first The quiet promise of rain-kissed air A cool breeze on your skin Leaves like shocks of flame darting through the trees   Birch and oak hesitate to shed their coats
I wonder what its like to be beautiful To never worry about your hair Your nails, Your make-up I wish those pretty girl would just shut up Bragging about their perfect boyfriends
Is this what it feels like... to break? It's not as painful as I imagined... I feel so numb. I don't feel anything anymore. Even the hot tears don't exist.
She said "I can't see myself without you" He said "well close your eyes, and if I ever really loved you would I tell you lies?
I thought of you - again - today. Your song and music to which I would sway Playing softly from this machine of mine. I wonder if you will ever grow some spine.
When Heaven took your light from me, The whole world went dark. I do not know where to turn, I need your guidance.
i told myself i’d fix him show him that killing isn’t his path but he’s psychotic and poetic i guess i didn’t do the math.
I swear I don’t have a gun This game was only fun, but it’s over now And somehow, we have to leave this place Leave it far behind, where the sun doesn’t shine Where ends meet and part again, our lives intertwined
Depression Bringing back the pain from the lonely past, I hope your life burns, but forever last. The confusion, guilt and hatred I feel, Locks me away without a decent meal. The poison you shot into my veins,
The Earth shattering silence that chokes the life from me A Secret hidden deep inside Needing a place to hide. The Exposure... Hush Hush... No one sees but the ghosts haunt during the light.
Driving’ in his car, its amazing how the wind flows through the room. I couldn’t stop getting butterflies touching him. Why couldn’t it last for so long? I couldn’t help but to say goodbye.
The nights when I cry, With my eyes all wet, No one to talk to, About the feelings I get, No one I can trust to tell something yet, I can see the dark clouds and how they're set,
My heart, wielding nothing but power and unprotected, Just there for others to hurt. There are things within the heart, my heart, that make me feel Tangled.
@}>--;-- @}>--;-- @}>--;--
I gave up long ago Realized there’s nothing living for. My mother has my father. My brothers have each other. My friends will soon forget, This world won’t stop, it’ll continue to revolve.
In the future I see Myself, just plain happy Helping others while on the go Just so everyone will know I will be everything I can be I will be strong, bold, and free Nothing will get in my way
Do we think were through? Yes I think we do. Do you know that you love me? Or isn't it meant to be? We havent spoke in a while, but this agonizing pain, its just pouring like rain.
He lays there, Without a care. No other word to be said, Except he’s dead. His face once so beautiful, His lips now sag from lack of love. I wait in line After the service
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