Love-- When 2 Different Worlds Collide


Love doesn't come with directions,

it's never quite the same

Sometimes it leaves you broken up,

or changes your last name

One look,

one touch,

one smile could really change it all 

Emotions keep on building until we finally fall

It's such a silly simple word, LOVE.

I mean, it's only four letters long

Yet it's so damn complicated, 

never just right,

always something wrong

Maybe I'm incapable of falling in love, 

or maybe it's something more

Emotionless, tired, and detached 

these feelings I can't ignore

Nothing makes sense, it always ends the same

It's not you it's me, 

I'm quick to take the blame

Hearts that have been broken, 

can they ever mend? 

Or do we throw up our walls, until they start to bend? 

I'm scared we won't last,

or our love will fade away

But I don't think I would stop you, 

if you didn't want to stay

After all, love is like the ocean

changing with the tide

It's just complicated when different worlds collide. 



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