She stares at you, with hate in her eyes.

You stare at her, with dreams for the future.

She talks down to you, giving orders that you willingly and knowingly obey.

She laughs at your pain and feeds off your sorrow.

She'll want you when she's alone but where will she be tomorrow?

She doesn't deserve you,

but you won't walk away.

You say you love her, so you deal with the pain.

You don't understand,

if only you noticed me.

I could make you laugh,

I could make you happy.

I could make you smile,

and I'd never let you cry.

You trully deserve the best,

not to be 'the other guy.'

You and me.

We could be so happy.

You and me,


I wish on a falling star,

to open your eyes and heal your heart.

You've been thrown,

you've been hurt.

You deserve so much better than her.

I dream of the day,

you'll open your eyes and see me,

but I'm afraid,

it might be too late.

By the time you notice me,

I might have already walked away.

You and me,

could it be a 'WE?'

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