A smile so beautiful

Tue, 06/07/2016 - 02:19 -- KLane

I should never have trusted a smile so beautiful

It couldn't have been for sport

that it lured me in and made me love

to have spit me out in chewed up broken crumbs

The pieces are marred & unrecocgnizable

So I rebuild my heart with pieces more sizable

I should never have trusted a smile so beautiful

It made promises I never should have believed

It took advantage of my being vulnerable and naive

Pushing me down off my feet

I cling to the ground

Scared to trust and Scared to love 

With a painful thought of being forgotten

by the owner of the beautiful smile I never should have trusted 

The game was cruel and left a pange of guilt 

leaving me ashamed and broken

A piece of my heart stolen by a smile so beautiful

I must push through and fight on

I hope to forget the theif and perpetrator 

and I will never again trust a smile so beautiful


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