To confess to the truth will break your heart along with mine but it's time for me to unwind, let you see me for what you think i am, for what you call me which destroys that loving part of me that you know, that part i hesitate to show knowing you will judge everything i say and shake your head at who you look me to be, im sorry i cant be what you want me to be but i choose who i am because its my life, my mistakes and my decisions in my past haunt me coming back to face me and the mess i made, knowing that everyone makes mistakes means no one is perfect and im not the exception, i take responsibility for my actions even now im only human, most of what i say can come across all wrong and cause disappointment to the ones i love and that love me, to admit i messed up will be only of many times i have to look back and watch what i do, When i mess up my only instinct is to only get out of it to take the weight off myself and let me breathe not realizing the affect of my actions and how my trust will be lost even if i do decide to clean the mess i started  


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