Why did you hurt me?
You say because another girl told you some things.
I say, because you didn’t trust me.

Why didn’t you trust me?
I have no idea, but you had no reason not to.
If anything, I shouldn’t have trusted you,
Trusted you with my heart, my happiness, my love.

You said you loved me, but did you really?
After you said those cruel, unforgettable, unforgivable words, I doubt you.
I have doubts that you loved me,
That you weren’t cheating on me,
That you weren’t using me.

You keep asking me to take you back,
Saying that you miss me,
That you still love me,
But I can’t.

You hurt me more than words can say.
When I remind you that you ended our six months, you reply with a sad face,
An “I miss you” or an “I still love you.”

When I ask what you want me to say,
You say, “To take me back.”
I ask you why,
You don’t respond or you avoid the question.

What really frustrates me is that you seem to think that it doesn’t matter.
That I will run back to you.
That I will forgive and forget.
But I won’t and can’t.

You didn’t see me,
You didn’t feel what I felt.
My parents did,
My best friend did.
They HATE your guts.
My dad… let’s not go there.

I can’t love you,
Can’t trust you,
Can’t take you back,
Can’t forget what you did.

They say to forgive and forget,
I can forgive,
I have a kind heart.
But I will never forget,
The pain,
The tears,
The pain,
The crying,
The pain,
The betrayal,
The pain,
The confusion,
The pain,
It’s unforgettable.

So unforgettable that I’m scared,
Scared to trust again,
Scared to love again.

What you did,
What you called a joke,
To mask your cruel, evil words,
On April 1st 2012, is,


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