I Miss the Stones


I miss the stones

That used to tap on my window

To wake me up

And sneak out with my people

I would softly laugh

As I climbed down the wall

To greet you with open arms

But now you are gone

Just a memory

That has faded for way too long

It's time to say my goodbye


Living in my weakness

You'd be frowing at me

Live up to their expectations

You would look down on me

You lift me up

When the ground beneath me gives way

You always mend my heart

When I am not okay


You were the one

I felt it in my chest

You were the one

I felt in my heart

The way you would touch me at night

The way you would hold me after fights

It was so surreal 

But now you're gone


Dark days have lengthened baby

But now they never end

I can feel your eyes up in heaven

Looking down with disappointment

I'm not well my love

These brusies bruises are a point proven

These slits and scars should prove

I am ready to come back to you


But i know

You would cry

And not meet me with open arms

So for now I will stay here in my bed

Huddled for warmth

Waiting for the day

I can go up to heaven

And see my friends again




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