How You Must Know

How you must know my pain.
For you never care to say a word to me as many days at a time as I see you.
And how you must know the truth that lies behind these eyes.
For you say you know me enough to see right through my fake smile.
And how you must love to tell them you love me, yet when I pick up the phone it’s left to ring through the night.
I get my hopes up every time, just in case you change your mind.
That for once I might be your first priority, though I’m used to being second-rate.
And maybe this hope comes from a heart that forgives but doesn’t forget when you leave me to attend to their needs.
They say “promises were made to break” but I believed we were better… stronger than those who left their love to be taken over by their fears.
Our love is like a crack in the sidewalk in which I tried to fix.
Created by your devious lies and tricks.
And yes, I know she’s the one you call home.
The one you run to when all goes wrong, the one you call me to complain about, the one whom you call your family.
Oh how I allowed your apologies to flood me like heavy rain though they were never sincere.
How you must know my agony, or else you wouldn’t ignore me like we were never meant to be.
And how you must be able to see the betrayal you’ve done to me.


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