Thu, 09/11/2014 - 22:00 -- bre543

The secret signs you imagined
The signals you gave back
The special smile you thought was solely for you
The feelings you thought were there but it turns out lacked
The way you felt when talking to them
The dreams you had in your head
The visualizations of what could be
The way things should be instead
The way you waited anxiously dying for their text
The responses you gave too quickly
The attention you lavished upon them
The times their touch made you feel prickly
The love songs you sang thinking of them
The despair when your mirage dissipated
The resentment you felt
The wonder at why the pairing wasn’t fated
I have realized that unrequited love
Hurts the most
But that those with unreturned adoration
Have the most to boast
They give their love without a guarantee
Of it being returned
They are givers and continue loving
Even when they’ve been burned
So even when someone doesn’t want you
Or like you the way you wish
Remember that you are a fine fisherman
And the sea is full of fish


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