A Game of Love

Love is something you feel,
There should never be an doubt about love.
You either feel it,
Or you do not.
Just do not lie to me about it.

You told me you loved me,
That I am important, I matter.
I gave you everything for three years,
and you toss me aside like i was nothing.

Is she better than me?
Is she prettier, smarter, and more desirable than me?
She will never care for you like I did,
and she will never love you like I did.
But you do not care.
You have never cared, not about me at least.

My feelings never crossed your mind,
When you chose her over me.
You toyed with me and crushed my heart.
But none of that matters to you now,
Because you have a new hand to hold, 
New lips to kiss,
and a new heart to play with.



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