No More Love

Fri, 07/19/2019 - 01:46 -- runaway

I don’t want to love no more

Everyone playing games

Everywhere I go I see the same soul in different bodies…

Different faces…

But same old soul following me everywhere I go

I don’t want this no more

Fuck love

Everyone plays games...

Gave my heart to the world

To get in return pieces of ice

Now I don’t want to love no more

I don’t want to fall for no one 

have no feelings no more

No more love for anyone…

The last one hurt me good

Played me good

Lead me on…

Knew how much love I had for her

Played me like a fool

but yet knew the games she played…

I saw it coming but couldn’t resist to fall for her

The way she looks at me

The ways she smiles

Her voice when she speaks…

It got me caught up…

Making me wish I was a player

To learn her games…

Im not the same no more…

Ever since she came in and out like a hit and run into my life…

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