What do you think of at night

Is it what could have been

The love you thought you shared

Or is it the loneliness that was left inside

That dreadful day she left


Do you dream of rainbows

Maybe butterflies

Or do you dream of knives

And tears stream down


When you look in the mirror

Do you see the underlying guilt

Maybe the bags from lack of sleep

Or maybe just maybe you see what could be


The sad part is you wouldn’t change it for the world

It’s the only time you felt alive

She taught you there was good in the world

She showed you Our Savior


So does your heart sink when you think of her

Do you get nauseous of the thought of her with someone else

Maybe that’s a good thing

It proves you still care


She may not believe you could love her

She may not believe you will stay

But to prove it you never walk away

You always dream of a better day

Because without her you’d be nothing


The dreams get brighter

The memories fade

Maybe she’ll finally forgive you

You have stood by her side while she wallowed and cried

Both your hearts broke down


Then she said that dreadful thing

You will never date again

Everything crumbled down

You lost the only person you had left

She walked out of your life

And now you’re just friends


Three days later she has a boy

She talks about him like the stars in the sky

She never knew it hurt you to speak of him

You acted like it was all okay

Like you are happy she is with him

But in reality it kills you inside


You still think you have a chance

She’ll start to feel the way you do

She will talk about you the way she talks of him

But this is all a dream

He is hers and she is his

That’s all it will ever be



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