Faded Love, Reappeared

Sun, 01/12/2014 - 23:50 -- jhart92


What lies hidden with my beating heart

Experiences of adoration turn to being torn apart

It called so many names, making me shout toward the skies

Once thoughts of potential love, merely turned to lies


I walk, hand over my dying heart, tears beginning to fall

I never thought pain such as this existed, never at all

I don't want and I refuse to believe

The constant pain my heart seems to recieve


Where and what is the true meaning of love?

I look to the sky, asking the one above

Wishing my realities were masked by my desired fantasy

Hoping that these nightmares were just imaginary


Broken hearts seem to mend over time

But the scars seem to remain like a deep thin line

Many have tried to be the one to change

But unfortunately my delicate heart remains in a cage


I've thrown the key, forever not to be found

I wait for the one who is worthy to come around

To trust with my heart of glass, a dire risk to take

Please take my heart and never allow it to break

My heart of ice, are you willing to be my fire

I fear, for I give you my love and desire


From the shadows, I finally rise

Save me from the predictable demise

Hold my hand a lead me to the awaiting light

My fantasies come to reality, within my sight


True love is finally shown to me, no longer a lie

I gaze up and thank the man who watches from the sky

My granted serenity and forever peace

My heart can finally be released


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