H on my chest

forgive me, 

forgive me for being who i am, 

forgive me for crying more than needed, 

but it hurts so hard when you want something so bad but you can’t reach it, 

or it doesn’t want to be reached, nor obtain, 

as i bare the H on my chest, the stain or all the elements, i mean hate 

because i witness all the negligence, 

it poisons me, 

it deepens the cut more than the eye can see, 

and it chokes me up preventing my speech, 

I’m saddened, 

so much, and i hold onto our memories like a clutch, 

when there is anything that reminds me of you, 

i tend to fuss and fight with my mind, 

and i tend to be uptight, and say 

everything is fine !!  

but everything is not man, 

because like something gone bad, 

my thoughts of you are rotten. 



Beautiful poem

great work!

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