With genuine smile and open arms

Bliss succumbed with twice the charm

I wished upon a stars, I had my lucky charmsAnd I forgot how emotions always caused harm.Then, I felt unpredictable, almost undeniableBut now as I seat at the edge of this wooden tableThe soul inside knows what it is to be unlovableAnd the pain which lingered is incurable.What If I told you I was not in loveBecause our hands never fitted this perfect gloveStill, a girl can dream to be your belovedAs it only hurts when the spirit feels the stings of being unloved. I don't know why I must remain broken this longAs I never chose to be part of this reaction gone wrongYet must there be a sequel of this scornful song?Considering the ways and the paths we came along.Blue eyes, brown eyes, they're the same at the end of the dayAnd love will remain what it is at the end of the wayAnd though my lips had said the words my heart were afraid to saySomehow membranes of mine had already began to decayYou know, breathing used to be hard when you were nearSometimes it was safe, sometimes you brought fearIn your world I felt like a glass window, see-through and clearWaiting to crack like a sad face bound to shed tears. With life placed on the table, its pages wide open,It's hard to read the memos between the lines I've writtenI know this curse, this love prolongs unbrokenBut this time, I won't blame myself for not being chosen.I refuse to go on afraid like a distraught soldier pretendingThat my battles were fought without much sufferingBecause sometimes the loneliness inside was unendingBut no hero made it without ever failing.Although love was a sentiment felt without reasons, It was encased behind bars inside my self-made prisonHence I must go on feeding to my broken illusionIt's my only fault, my mistake my treason. 


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