Our Story

Fri, 12/27/2013 - 17:25 -- serapia


Maybe we were both so caught up in the illusion of being together that after it happened we just gave up.

All the love stories we heard about the happily ever afters, expecting our story to be the same.

Always and forever,

Never thinking our story was going to end, but somewhere along the story we stoped fighting for what we wanted.

Towards the end we forgot the meaning of us...

Where were we heading to?

We stoped caring and just gave up the fight, thinking it could all get fixed with a simple flick of the wand.

But this was no fairy tale it was reality.

It was nice while it lasted and will later be forgotten.

Time passes and seasons change sooner or later it was going to break, we tried to mend it back together but in the process got broken trying to fix it.

It was all an illusion a dream of a perfect love story that once it reached the end, it was a sad and broken story.

It was lust or perhaps obsession that made us behave the way we did but now its gone.

Our story is done..


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