let me go

it's been a year

a whole damn year

and here i am

sitting across a gym

full of people

and all i see, is you

your obnoxious smile

your loud voice

and your annoying friends

i don't like you

actually, i think i hate you

but after a whole year

i still love you

isn't that fucked?

your little sister found me

and rubbed it in my face

that you threw our things away

would you care if i told you

i keep everything in a box?

tucked away safely

in the corner of my closet

i have a new guy

and he is great

better than you ever were

and yet, i still think of you

why is it that

after all the awful things you did

i feel like i need you

it's wrong

and it's dumb

and it is totally not fair

please just let me go


i need to be set free

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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