Through The Eyes Of The Hurt

I thought what we had 
was love
i thought you were my hero
my angel sent from above
i thought I'd have your heart
till the end of time
but it turns out 
it was never truly mine
the things you said 
we're never true
including when you said
i'd always have you 
I gave you my heart 
but you crushed it 
my head screamed to run 
but you hushed it
should have listened 
to my instincts 
because our hearts 
were never in sync
i wanted one thing
you wanted another 
I wanted to be loved
you wanted a lover
i wanted to wait 
you wanted to rush
and to get what you wanted 
my morals you crushed 
you made me doubt
what I was raised to believe 
not realizing all you wanted 
was to use me 
you got what you wanted
and for that I'm ashamed 
but you'll never get it all 
bet that's an obstacle 
in your little game
you'll never get lucky 
no four leaf clover
what we had is done


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