letters to the heart

thoughts that kill thoughts of being not worthy 

voices saying “no love will ever come” 

trying to not give in 

the voices sometimes stop 

give the heart a break 

before it breaks even more 

it’s being held together by bandaids 

not sticky ones 

more like paper 

if the heart breaks anymore 

it will stay broken 

not as if anyone if specifically breaking the heart 

sometimes the heart stabs itself 

or the brain speaks words of poison 

slowly killing, deteriorating the heart 

making it weak 

making it slowly giving up 

yet why 

its young 

hasnt been around for not even two decades 

yet it’s felt hurt 

more than a young caring heart like itself should have ever felt 

hurt by people 

hurt by people who said they cared 

hurt by the people the heart protected 

hurt that wasnt fair 

hurt that wasnt warranted 

poor heart 

poor young heart 

for the young heart got so tired of the hurt that it put up walls 

as more hurt came in 

more walls were built 

was this the right choice? 

most likely not, maybe that’s why the heart hasn’t had love 

it most likely wont because of the walls 

there are too many walls for anyone to climb over 

it’s fine 

the world is cruel and it’s made the people heartless 

and for the few that care 

they get hurt 

because they care too much 

in a world that doesnt care at all 

will this shattered heart find love? 

most likely not 

but this heart will care for everyone else until the least beat 

that’s how the heart has been taught 

that’s the spirit of the heart 

even if it gets shattered even more 

and no one comes to repair it 

it will care 

because the sun will rise 

and the heart will start again 

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