The End of Me


Do stiches work on a broken-heart
The days feel so long now that we’re apart
You wanted to leave so I let you go
Now sadness is all that stalks my window

They say time will heal the pain I feel
But it was for your love that I would kill
Now I’m staring at my reflection through the window sill
Wondering why without your love I feel so ill

This burning sensation has got to stop
I drink despair, yea every single drop
I’m bathing in this agony
Why won’t your love just let me be?

I wanna be set free
I don’t want to need you, the way you never needed me
I don’t want to see the beauty in something that was so ugly
We had a twisted romance, a dark fantasy
And when you left, you took a piece of me

I’m tired of this cage you’ve locked me in
Loving you was my only sin
Now I drown in my regrets
And I can’t forget the day that we first met

You were a bad boy and I was into that
My friends warned me, but I chose not to freight
Just one good luck and you sucked me in
That was when my end started to begin


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