Lillies and Moonshine

Tue, 11/05/2013 - 19:38 -- shayymn


I watched you sip your drink from across the table. Studying your features.

You were undoubtedly handsome. You were mine and you were hers. She was your lily and I your moonshine. She was a lily no one could compare to. You were attracted to her like a bee during pollen season. You stayed a little too long, fell in love. Didn't know anything else after that, but her. You felt as if nothing could break the bond.

Growing towards the sun, you cared for her. Making sure no damage came. But one day that storm came through, you knew it was too late. Tried to stop that frog from taking her, nothing worked.

You found moonshine... Me. I picked you up. At a time you were low, I helped you be giddy. It wasn't what I wanted but at least I had you. Joyous moments we had too! But alas, all good things must come to an end. I held on, just as you did. Our fingertips intertwined. Our hips entangled. Our hearts connected... Almost. You were mine. But she was yours.

You think I didn't know? I heard the whispers, saw with my own eyes the words.

I can't look at you for fear of knowing you're in the audience having enough audacity to stand up and clap after this is over. As if I wasn't hurt. I tried... I tried... I tried... I tried. Lillies and moonshine don't mix! Your concoction was boiling over. Saving one could only be enough.

Out of your mouth, your words like arrows shot into me, "Let it be!" Oh leave me!"

I was only here to make you giddy.

After all, storms don't last forever.


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