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You've never stopped being my soul mate For 40 years . As corny as that sounds And you would laugh at me if I said it. But the butterflies never quit in my stomach, Memories of you pop in and out of my head
he said "me" I said "I" then he kissed my neck and whisperd "Us" In  that moment words were sacred beings my holy grail. Stronger than any god I felt my kness give in
I tried to hide but my eyes betray me, each time. I've sealed my lips but my heart jumps out, each time. I'm sure my face says it all, how do I hide that, each time?
I just wanna let you know You mean the world to me, Only a mind cool as yours Can give me anything unselfishly.
I just wanna let you know You mean the world to me, Only a mind cool as yours Can give me anything unselfishly.
You got mad, Because i thought you were sad You said “I’m fine” but i didn't believe you, After that i  knew id lost you too.   I should have believed you!
i was trying to make something honest,  but neither one of us was being honest. living in an idea of being in love, but it wasn’t with you. i can truly say i was thinking of him,
i wish I could forget when I first locked eyes with his I wish I could forget our first kiss I wish I could forget my first experience with Crystal Meth with him I wish I could forget the first time he touched me
When I was left heartbroken and lost people began to tell me that the best way to move on was to get under someone else. I thought giving my body to someone else meant I was moving on from you.
He called me family. He told me family is forever and so were we. He told me no one will ever love you as much as I do. I believed the pretty lies and was a pretty girl. I kept him happy and lost myself in the process.
I cry almost every night, asking will everything be alright  Stare into dark space with a low face, a lot people don't know this takes place What woman can own it and say the love of her life is fading away, that maybe it's be best to split even t
the scribbles on the bathroom wall tell the story of a broken heart. beneath the ink there it lay. barren, clean, new. the pollution of this rotten inconvenience, while formed through hurt,
Your lips on my forehead Again Again And I’m time-travelling except I don’t know if I’m going To the past or to the future
    You didn't have me in stiches at hello, but you had me in stiches not too long ago. This is a love story fraught with grief, Cause I'm caught up bewteen you two,  my first love and you.
Most peoples sun rise is at 6 AM The skies go from dark to light and all the bright colors start to appear MY sun rises with you Without you everythings dark and I see no colors You are my sun rise
  Febuary 2, 2015 Math. It sucks but so does my life. Nothing to do, no one to know until...he was at the corner of my eye as I turned, one that I never noticed in the room.
Living without her is a thought that looms Her face is one you’ll never forget She’s the one I stare at in a full room   Sometimes her attitude can make me fume
His face. A gentle face. A kind face. One that seemed to                                    slowly                                              seep into your soul and sleep
there's this boy and i love him like a letter loves it envelope and my heart aches like too much christmas when i see him walking down the hall and he keeps   his     eyes
They said love hurts, but I didn’t think it would feel like this. A beautiful kind of hurt. That’s what I pictured.
I compare my emotions to a winters night of un
i don't need this boy anymore  that's what i keep telling myself   until i'm laying in darkness  buried by threadbare quilts and my own secret sadness  
I used to be able to time travel.  The time-portal to the past and present was a warm, blue seat.The time-portal to love was through vast, green bamboo stems.
I like you, I really do;
Remind me to not flirt Remind me to not smile Remind me why I have these tears that have flowed for awhile. Remind me to not love Remind me to not try Remind me why I'm sitting here trying not to cry.
It started on a white day, before seventh block. You grabbed a seat next to me, to start table talk.   I thought you were quite bold and different, indeed.
When I was youngI would sit silently in my seatAwait my turn to speak whether it was given to me or notAnd more often than notI said nothing
And there she stood. Mascara running down her face. Her hair knotted in soaked locks. Clothes, wet, clinging to her body. Every curve and feature magnified. He’d never seen a creature more beautiful
I am a DREAMER. This world isn't complicated, grey, confusing, or bland. This world is full of opportunity and color. What we can do is LIMITLESS.
You walk in, my eyes, blinded by the vision of God's most perfect creature. You say to your homegirl... I’ll be RIGHT back. I could use a lil snack to soak up this liquor.
It…was the first time…that I’d ever felt extramarital sex was a sin Was the first time I’d tasted the bitterness of this forbidden fruit I’d always found sweet Your hands which I’d always thought were warm chilled me to the bone
I put him up in the sky
I hope you know I loved you.  Sometimes that's all I think 
We both jumped. Before we even knew What we were jumping into Too eager to fall in love Without knowing what it feels like To love And to be loved   As we fell we learned
As I lay on our bed  I thought of everything he did to me  everything I did to him  and how broken we were Holding on to frayed strings and the past’s happiness I knew that one day eventually
Why am I still stuck on you? After all the crap you put me through It wasn't a physical pain That left me black and blue
One day, I'll cross that new frontier Of who you have now become, And forget, for once, That I remember your freckles' many Constellations But not the capital of Iowa, And that I remember your 
Brown Eyes They say after suffering from trama you loose memory of what lead up to it But those Brown Eyes I remember darkness cold and bright Brown Eyes
It's 3am and I'm starting to wonder if this storm is outside my window or inside of my chest because I miss the thunder of your breath against my neck and the way your  fingers pour into me
I’m not afraid to feel again To be touched by the fingertips even though I have no idea what they have felt before Even so I want to feel your heart beat against my hand I want your voice to cover my anxieties
To look at your face And know you're mine; To hear your voice And think it so fine; To smell your cologne And know I'm safe; To kiss your lips; And know there's no haste;  
I wonder why I have to wake up to these dreams, You're a sky ful of stars that light up like sparklers, I go to sleep dreaming about your eyes that shine crystal amorous gleams.
I wake up from your dreams, and Icould not stop thinking about you…It was still midnight, and, after all,I had just slept for only an hour…I get out of my bed, and face the mirror, and O
Shoot me call me dead  I guess i'm done shot in the head  
The first time I feel asleep listening to your heart beat i decided this is where i want to live nestled up into your side your arm wrapped around me safe, warm, love
The Moon
  Do you remember how we laughed all the silly things I'd say how I smiled across the room
Today was a strange day. “Who are you going to prom with?” she asked you. I was sitting three seats away, and you looked at me and I looked at you. And you said “are we going to prom together? We made a deal”.
Being in love is drenching yourself in gasoline and giving the significant other the match and trusting them not to drop it
I wish I chose my words more carefully that night. I take all this time to plan but one can never get ready for this,man. I spoke from the heart instead of my head I forgot that my heart has always been dead.
To all those who came after I'm sorry It's not my fault Blame the first For she took the piece of me That I wish so badly I could give to you
I like to think of our relationship as a tree that grew with love. But, it was injured as a sapling but it kept growing on our love and we kept placing more pressure on the break.
I missed her for the way she would draw her backward As to the way she would walk with her subtle thighs not saying much to the world but letting me know she's my girl
I want go back in time and be in love again. I want to go back in time and give you a hug again. I want to go back in time watch you smile. I want to go back in time and stay for a while.
-You may have broken in. Your thought is within.
-I love how we hide important things from each other and try to live in the moment of pure bliss.
-I think of you when I am weak, I think of you when I am strong, I wonder if you think about me at all.
-I wish you were in my arms where nobody can do you harm. Because we're pretty cool even though you drool.
-Can you really trust me because I can't trust myself. Can I really handle you or do I just put you on the shelf.
-I hate that you make me jealous. I despise that you know how to make me jealous,
-Tourquoiste amber in her eyes open me to a new world where herI alwyas comply. Her shirt toys with and around me tempting are her breasts
-I can see that you're keeping things from me but I don't want to know why it is but eventually I'll wonder if it is my biz.
    We still can't communicate                                              
-You only like me Because I was your first body But your fondness will fade
-When I write you poetry, It makes the poet in me Think of you as the figure of affection
-She makes me feel happy again Whenever I hold her hand. I often remenisce
When i look into your eyes It brightens my day When I see your smile My heart become warm like the month of may We move on with our lifes  But memories never fade away
I hear a faint dissonance travel You again, in homely tears  I am the wet nurse at your disposal;  So, let me be drained by the frenzy of desperation . . . .   Crusade along the barren land,
College is very scary. Taking the ACT and the SAT can be a pain.
Maple Story The maple leafs fluttering on the autumn wind, The shifting colors of the midday sun reflected in the pools below. I can barely see them now; these are moments lost in the annals of time.
I am skinny gawky average unappealing in the most appealing ways.    When he entered my life I was lost broken and he was my light   Told me I was beautiful amazing
He helps her forget her pastShe helps him see his future
He was special, He was my first kiss, He was my best friend, I wish I could see him again.
Why can't I be your friend? Why can't white and black blend?   Why did I break your heart? Why did my faith in you fall apart?   Did you ever want to agree? Were you ever going to succeed?
I stumbled upon you by pure coincidence,yet, I believe in that momnet you devoured my soul.You were the answer to all of my hopes and prayers,another half to make my heart whole.
I called to the Universe to bring him back.He is the one.He never returned.And I met a guy.And I realized.The Universe didn't bring him back.Because he was not the one.   (December 14, 2011)
My life's movin' on. New decisions, thus made. The scars from first love and first sorrow Are gettin' better each day.   Rays of sunshine drop in. Past my desolate days. I'm runnin' and comin'
Leave me to hate another day.   Where I will be proud to say, You were not only my girl, But the prettiest in the world.   Leave me so I can hate again
When you look me in the eyes, the rest of the world disappears.  When you look in my the eyes, I am almost brought to tears.  The way you look at me; like I hung the stars in the sky, 
Embraced in warm water,supported by thighs,I don’t rememberwhat you said.Truly smiling,truly thinking that I wouldeasilyspend forever with you.Questioned,as though you were amused
Butterfly my Butterfly Divine as my eyes Calm as my spirit
I think about that day The day everything changed The day we left our feelings at bay Detained by our fate   We were bind, You and I
Life once so innocent and pure. Allured by temptations the flesh was too weak to dismiss. A kiss, so sweet.  So discreet.  Enveloped with all affections known to mankind.
                August 18th                                                                Wrapped up your last pair of good sneakers In the crease of my elbows Went walking in your arms
  A hunger.  Impatience catalyzed within soft veins.  A thirst. Lips cracked with a desire to be touched.   I feel him, From a mile away. His body chemicals and mine react
  Hello Beautiful Stranger   I saw you again. And it felt like we were a thousand stars apart. Your eyes hold this delicate sadness, I feel like a wandering stranger, back at the start.   
  Little reminders, I find them everywhere. Little reminders of how you used to care. Looking back we had it all, no wonder no one predicted our fall. More days pass and you’re still not around,
    Three people Two smiles, Two hands And one heart left broken.   The smile you created, All the things you said to me Are just words now?   I’m broken in emotions,
"You make me feel, You make me feel, You make me feel.."Perfect.And if I'm perfectly honest I can't help it.All my attempts at being disaffectedAre utterly demolished,When faced with your affection.
I write because I need the money. 
I fight with my clockit’s faceplate staring right passed my pupils phasing through defense mechanisms resembling the thick walls of area 51my mind is the U.S. government and what I see as my mind is the U.S. population
The Butterflies in her stomach emerged as sense- less words from her lips
I have only made one really big mistake in my lifeAnd it was with youYou were not my mistake though I do not regret loving youI do not regret how hard I tried to keep youI do not regret anything I said to you
  i want to hear everything you have to say. i want you to drown me in the sound of your voice, and revive me with the subtle whispers you breathe. i want you to perform a symphony
Four years ago I would be crying Devisitated Screaming out why me Looking inthe mirror trying to figure out whats wrong with me But now I stap back and look at it all Damn that was such a hard way to fall
The Woman sees a smiling face an she is hypnotized.  she hears the voice so deep an sweet, she cant help it she is paralyzed.  just one look into those shining eyes and without knowing she is spinning 
Why did God give man a voice...                                           if no one would listen. Literally Im screaming..                     SCREAMING!. yet you call me soft spoken.
Young and fragile Tragedy strikes at a young age A girl faces a loss that she'll never forget He is gone once and for all   The "I love yous" And “sorrys” mean nothing now He left her alone
Here's to the monthsUnder the summer's heatHere's to the strollsWe took down my streetHere's to the kissesThe laughs, and the fightsHere's to the good morningsAnd to the good nights
I know that I was hanging from a cliff you pushed me overand then all of a sudden felt safe looking up at you and while I thought you had grabbed me to save me,I soon found,I was the one who had grabbed your ankles,
The dagger thatyou jolted into my heart is not going to be stuck inside your ice cold soul Every last drop of love left rains down with the blood dripping from the wound
Im running as fast as I can away from that path with the fork at the end of the road I've been down this road before Last time it left me hurting and picking up  the pieces shattered among the floor
Together we are two peas in a pod.  How I have you?
My heart skips every time I see you. My pulse races when you’re in my presence. I feel like my love for you is so true. I think of you even in your absence.  
the thoughts behind love, the thoughts, the meaning for love makes you want to go crazy and wild for, your heart chasing while your mind just being wasted, wasted off of your heart consisting pacing, your heart never stop chasing off of the though
Poetry is pointless.  I mean, if I can get my point across frankly and succinctly, why bother with form and rhythm. Time is scarce.    That used to be my view.  That was before I met you.   
Fair Maiden, Could This Be “I come from a battle,” He started “It is far from this land I fought valiantly but it was in vane For I had lost, I had to give my love to the victor
The mere sound that comes from the slight touch of a piano... Traps my heart in a transparent fabric of ecstasy… And my eyes are immediately fixed upon his fingers… His fingers…
Her rays dance to warm the Earth, swerving and dodging in and out playing hide and seek with the clouds. Her eyes scan the room, bobbing and weaving playing peek-a-boo with the crowds.
The worst feeling in the the world Is feeling like you're being forgotten, Like you're love is not enough, Like you're not needed. But worst than that Is feeling like there's nothing you can do to change it.
... they say love heals all wounds..i say it hurts .. i've seen proof that it works..  they say love is blind... but i see it all the time.. no need to wonder she says love has made us stronger.. the more we love  the more we hurt ...
As a young boy when I first got a glimpse of thee I felt as if I had an epiphany. You gleamed and shined As if you were of something divine. I spent much time with thee-
Cut in two, ripped apart How could you-break my heart? Your love was firm, your love was rare But now I squirm, and I despair How did I change? Please tell me how I find it strange, but I’ll allow
A toast for the scumbag Three cheers for the jerk. Hip-hip for the asshole With his signature smirk. He struts down the alley With his head held so high He’s better than you So don’t even try.
It started at your ankles, rising slowly with the blood and sinews that attached it to your leg. I first was envious of your skin, wanting to be the thing that wrapped around you
There is nothing I can give you. No poems to read you have not read, no books, no songs to listen to and think of me that you have not already heard. There is no offering of peace or stability,
I woke up with you on my mind, the same way I went to sleep. I prayed for your happiness and welfare before my own soul to keep. I've been hurt and dragged and bludgeoned to death by the bombardment of my own heart.
I was always confuse....lost....naïve.....dumb. I was always the girl to get it last. Looking back, I was blinded by love. I reached for the stars& hold onto the broken ones.
When we first spoke Without having seen your face I knew I would want you and want to be yours After talking more I fell....hard My only hope is that you would catch me
Psyched and love-struck by you Dilate, constrict Constrict, dilate My heart is just as excited as my thoughts Did I eat a love bug? Or was that the pig I roasted from under the rug?
In my heart, is there a desire that may tear it apart? Is there love and hate, that may rise to a dreadful fate? Is there a soul, so dark from being cursed, that it blackens like coal?
Country fair, sweet seventeen There you were, and everything Faded from my view except The boy who had me won
We high five each other when we are ready to fail a test we didn't study for We run around and ho wild when we're with each other But in front of those scary teachers, we're on our best behavior
I need you. You with your smile that light up my whole world.
this is for the broken hearted.. i know you feel empty, betrayed, and no happiness at all. you don’t want to laugh because you know it’s not gonna help and you don’t wanna cry because you know it’ll only make you feel worse.
Sometimes, As I watch the clouds drift by In these simple Oklahoma skies I think of how we first met.
I takes two to lie upon the fallen leaves Whispering of the beautiful scenery Remembering the good things Working through the bad To build a bright future
It takes two to lie upon the fallen leaves Whispering of the beautiful scenery Remembering the good things Working through the bad To build a bright future
Love is like a rose It starts off fresh, beautiful standing strong, but as the life of it increases the strength decreases the scent begins to sour; peddles begin to wilt. In effort to salvage
Even though I've run it through my mind over and over again I find it damn near impossible to ignore the way I feel within There's the girl I love it's weird because I can't shake the feeling
Gonna dive head first in this murky pool of wonder. Gonna keep one eye closed, one eye open. For fear of seeing the unknown, and excitement of discovering new dreams.
(poems go here) I know there’s no hope for us, but when you love someone you don’t give up. So I keep holding on hoping one day we can move along, Onto a new stage, and we’re go through a new phase.
Stuck in a triangle so it seems, Lost beyond hope by any means. Struggling to win a losing fight, I think I just lost the love of my life. Should have brought a life jacket, To avoid sinking in life's sins
He knew my biggest fear was falling in love. Three months into our relationship I was growing a bit afraid. On July eleventh he wore the sexiest silver shirt that made his pale skin color shout. He picked me up at five sharp.
There he goes walking at his graceful pace, says hello to his friends, decides to stay and talk. Smiling and laughing there is is, but then his eyes land on me. His smile has faded away, and my heart is beginning to cry,
No words Just sweet adoration Obvious attraction Simply complex ideas
A man asked me, “Have you ever found love?” I said no, but I’d like to think I did once. This man asked me, “Would you have given him the world?” I said no, but he was the only man in the world who I could trust.
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