It Takes Two


United States
42° 31' 23.574" N, 76° 51' 38.034" W

It takes two to lie upon the fallen leaves
Whispering of the beautiful scenery
Remembering the good things
Working through the bad
To build a bright future

It takes two to laugh endlessly
While walking along the beach
Enjoying the Sunday breeze
Never using "I" of "Me"
Always saying "Us" and "We"
Oh the magic of you and me

It takes two to cry
Feeling each other's heaving sides
Allowing each other to heal each others' minds

It takes two to sit on the hammock
And watch the sunset
To always be thinking of the future
Each day always taking on a new adventure
Yes "two" is me and you

I don't lead and you don't follow
We walk side by side!


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