Maple Story

Maple Story

The maple leafs fluttering on the autumn wind,

The shifting colors of the midday sun reflected in the pools below.

I can barely see them now; these are moments lost in the annals of time.

These vibrant colors of autumn vanish into mist before half open eyes.


With them those long drown out days of a time we can’t return to.

That promise that you made then, does it still ring true?

The autumn sun’s rays break through the maple leafs.

“I believe your promise is too hard for you to keep.”


The frigid autumn winds blow gently through this town,

The dancing maple leaves scatter as I walk the path to our old hangout.

A sense of nostalgia sparked by the remnants of your scent carried on the breeze.

I can still hear your words, as finger tips grace our names carved into the wood.


"Even if my promise is too hard to keep, I will give you courage.

Rest assured I will always be there, forever I will be thinking of you"

Even if I can’t see you now, or feel your hands holding mine,

I can have faith in the promise you entrusted in me, this love.


I can still feel your heart beating with mine.

Even if I can’t read those lips that spoke those words,

Even now your words remind me, and continue to remain true.

I believe your promise that blooms like a flower in my heart.


The maple leafs flutter on the autumn wind momentarily,

As the wind scatters them at my feet which move forward.

I turn to that place that is held safely within the annals of time,

And let the colors of the autumn winds erase this mist.


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